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27 Scented Edible Massage Oils

The Edible Massage Oils are formulated to create the precise desirable scent of your favorite choices. They are manufactured using a combination of both high quality natural and artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows you to create a wonderful scent of enhancing massage experience. All of our Edible Oils provide good lubrication during the massage. They are especially excellent for dry or sensitive skin. They are made of high quality ingredients and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. All are alcohol free. We offer 27 varieties of edible oils for the same price, which smells wonderful, and meant to be used as a massage oil. It smells like the scent, which is safe to be ingested without any flavor.

Special Offer

Order any 3 Edible Oils and get the Forth one FREE

The 4 Edible Oils of your choice can be the same flavor or each one different. Offer valid for both 1 oz and 2 oz orders.

  Available Flavors:
Banana French Vanilla Pear
Bubble Gum Grape Peppermint
Butter Cream Green Apple Pina Colada
Cherry Hazelnut Raspberry
Cinnamon Lemon - Lime Root Beer
Chocolate Mint Mango Strawberry
Coffee Merry Strawberry Toasted Coconut
Coconut Orange Vanilla
Cotton Candy Peach Watermelon

Edible Oils (Lover Nectar)

1 oz Bottle      $5.75


2 oz Bottle      $7.75


4 oz Bottle      $15.75


8 oz Bottle      $21.75


16 oz Bottle      $32.75


Order 3 Edible Oils
& Get 1 FREE  $17.25
Up to 4 different flavors of your choice
( 4 Bottles, 1 oz each)

Order 3 Edible Oils

& Get 1 FREE  $23.25
Up to 4 different flavors of your choice

( 4 Bottles, 2 oz each) 


Order 3 Edible Oils
& Get 1 FREE  $22.35
Plus an Elegant Gift Bag
Up to 4 different flavors of your choice
( 4 Bottles, 1 oz each) 

Order 3 Edible Oils
& Get 1 FREE  $28.35
Plus an Elegant Gift Bag
Up to 4 different flavors of your choice
( 4 Bottles, 2 oz each) 

Order Edible Oil Samples

Edible Massage Oils


in 27 Flavors

Make it a Presentable Gift !

Order 3 Edible Oils & Get 1


Plus the elegant gift bag. Up to 4 different flavors of your choice.




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6 Pack Edible Oils


Order 6 Packs Edible Oils and Save



(Each Price is for quantity of six)

  4 oz   $80.33 (Save $14.18)
  8 oz   $110.93 (Save $19.58)
  16 oz $167.03 (Save $29.48)





Order Edible Oil Samples


Standard Size Samples

Super Size Samples

Find Out which Edible Massage Oil flavor is your favorite before ordering a larger size.

This sample pack includes:

     3 Love Nectar Samples of Your Choice (1/2 oz each)

     3 Perfume Oil Samples of your Choice

  Available Flavors:
Banana Bubble Gum Butter Cream
Cherry Cinnamon Chocolate Mint
Cotton Candy French Vanilla Grape
Green Apple Hazelnut Lemon - Lime
Mango Merry Strawberry Orange
Peach Pear Peppermint
Pina Colada Raspberry Root Beer
Strawberry Toasted Coconut Watermelon
Each Perfume Oil sample has enough for 4 to 5 times use.  This Sample pack is NOT Returnable. When you click on the "Buy_Me" button, you get to select 3 Perfume samples.   Please notice for any 3 sample choices that the customer does not choose a scent for, we will automatically choose one from our most popular selling scents.
Edible Massage Oil standard Samples $6.85

  Edible Massage Oil Super Size Samples $8.85







Edible Body Powder



Heighten the senses and elicit passion

  Edible Body Oil Powder  
  For the bride, for yourself, for your significant other.....the most wonderful, sexy gift. Edible honey powder and a feather applicator is included. You provide the fun.  
  Ingredients: modified corn starch, corn starch, powdered honey, artificial and/or natural flavor, aspartame. Precautions: Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Avoid eye contact. Can be ingested in small amounts.  

$24.99    $16.99





Dream Scent Massage Ingredients:

Sweet Almond Oil: This scentless oil is a great nutrient for softening and conditioning skin. This oil contains high levels of unsaturated triglycerides that moisturizes the skin, it absorbs easily without greasy after-feel.

Scented by both quality Natural and Artificial ingredients.





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