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Aromatherapy Inhaler


These nasal inhalers are perfect to use for essential blends



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Our High quality bottles will set your products apart from the competition.






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Made with Pure
Essential Oils

  Silky Scents


The Best Essential Oil



In addition to

the information

provided in 23

Lavender pages,

learn more as

  how to use the Lavender oils.





Pheromone XPL



 Improve your levels of communications and attractiveness to people around you.






The Golden Essential Oil



In addition to

the information

provided in 8

Tea Tree pages,

learn more as

  how to use the Tea Tree oils.





Glossy Labels



Silky Scents high quality products come with "Glossy" labels, so they can also be more presentable.




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  Silky Scents offers  
  rich & strong  
  Essential Blends  
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   350 Choices of Essential Oils  

Essential Oils




Silky Scents offers over 350 choices of therapeutic essential oils, as well as absolutes and organics in different sizes. With Essential Oils, quality is every thing.

The Silky Scents essential oil quality control is backed by GC lab tests and strict ISO (International Standards Organization) regulations to insure the highest quality oils. Our essential oils are sourced through NAHA (The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) members. We only sell therapeutic grade and pure essential oils used by professionals and consumers in 90 countries.





4 New Perfume Oils


  Violet Blossom Philosophy (W)
  True Religion Love Hope Denim
  See by Chloe Women Type
  Rose The One Dolce & Gabbana


Hundreds of Choices for Men & Women


See All of our Perfume Oils


Fragrance oils to emulate designer scents.




  Essential Collection




4 Essential Oils, 2 Carrier Oils, and 2 Certified Organic Soaps of your Choice in an Attractive Wooden Box with Clear Cover.

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Perfume Oils

         How would you like to smell today?

     Silky Scents' Pure Perfume Oil Collection Can Help!


Silky Scents Perfume Oils are highly concentrated containing no alcohol or water to affect the fragrance.


Silky Scents offers a large choice of Perfume Oils in 2 groups to choose from: Traditional such as French Vanilla, and the Designer type for Men and Women.



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Oil Warmers

Electric & Candle Oil Warmers


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Feng Shui


Improve your life the natural way

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Reed Diffusers


 How To setup a reed diffuser and how to maintain it.
 How to diffuse your favorite Perfume or Essential Oil.
 What is the difference between "Rattan Reeds" &
 " Bamboo Reeds".
Did You Know ...
  The only way you can be 100% sure that your reed diffuser is diffusing a therapeutic oil and not a synthetic perfume oil is to prepare the oil yourself with genuine essential oils. learn how       





Silky Scents




Essential Soaps


  Available in various selections





Therapeutic Clay




  It is so easy to mix a couple of spoons of clay with water, and add your favorite oil to create the best clay mask that cost you only a few dollars instead of a fortune from a spa or a store.
Besides, you can also be sure, not only the ingredients you want is in there, but enough of it and not too little.
If you have not used a clay mask or body wrap before, then you should ask  someone who has. In just 1/2 hour, it does wonders for your skin!

For more info:

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M.D. Skin Care



SPF MD Moisturizer


SPF MD Moisturizer


SPF MD Moisturizer



SPF MD Moisturizer



SPF MD Moisturizer

  Soothe the look of fine lines
  Protect skin against environment
  Brighten your complexion

Save 50% on Firming MD Skin Package

Plus a Bonus Glowing Skin Serum

The Gift of Youth You Deserve




Avoid Getting Ripped-off When Buying Essential Oils


Learn all the sales tricks when buying essential oils and how to evaluate an essential oil company.

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